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Peacock Info

What is the Emerald Peacock Refreshment Saloon!


 The Saloon is a period 1860's traveling entertainment establishment whose sole purpose is to take advantage of our patrons and make money. Just kidding. From a re-enacting perspective, our purpose is to make available to our brother re-enactors a place to hang their hat and kick up their heels at Civil War events. Every person that has crossed our bar-room doors has gone out of them at the end of the night a well satisfied customer. We offer a variety of services including camaraderie, gambling, a bar, beverages, atmosphere and most of all a friendly hand-shake.

How long have we been doing this?

We started this concept back in 2005 under another name (see the History link). We started humbly and over the years we grew into what we are now, "the largest traveling civil war saloon" in the United States. We offer refreshment drinks to all.

Events for 2020 Events ,coming





​Burbon County Minstrells

What you can experience at our Saloon.
*One of a kind 
*refreshments of Lemonaid, pickled eggs, cigars(cheep and not as cheep), summer sauage sticks, bottled water,Large Dill pickles.
*Meeting Hall 
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